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8th October 1999 : Auf Wiedersehn England

15th October 1999 : They came, They saw, they trashed the hotel.

22nd October 1999 : I'm telling you, it was chocolate!!!

29th October 1999 : Hands up who hates public transport.

5th November 1999 : It's a hot-dog Jim, but not as we know it.

12th November 1999 : Berlin bound.

19th November 1999 : The informed opinions of a tabloid reader.

26th November 1999 : One day I will be rich.

2nd December 1999 : New York, New York - so funky they named it twice

12th December 1999 : Contractors ho!

1st May 2000 : Birthday in Zurich

5th August 2000 : Hands up who can spell "alcoholic".

14th August 2000 : Mummy Steele, stag night, and a trip to Vienna - my what a busy week.

23rd September 2000 : Boring week...but with unimaginable consequences.

23rd November 2000 : Is that a snowboard or are you just pleased to see me.



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