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Toby Long-Leather

Met this cat whilst working for Sabre. He collects books and he's getting married, but other than that he's alright really.

Steve Huxford

Had the pleasure of working with Huxxy when I was in Cambridge. What can I say - he insists on buying his clothes from HMV and drinking shandy, but other than that......

Dashman and chick

Dash is another Cambridge bod. Currently wandering around the world in an attempt to find himself [ well, that's what he reckons - personally I think he's just trying to avoid working ]. Nice bloke, drinks like a fish and could eat curries for the Indian Olympic team.

Neil Barber

Neil AKA Scouse is one of my college acquaintances. Obviously by the use of the word "Scouse" he's one of those eternally cheerful Liverpudlians that you can't help but want to smack in the mouth. He's over in Germany soon so we'll go out for a bit of a mash I reckon. Classic moment - the lads from college went to Gran Canaria to celebrate finishing college and Scouse bagged off with a tart. He was snogging her with both hands stuffed up her top when he lost his balance and fell over. His hands were stuck so he broke his fall with his teeth. Verr painful, verr funny.

Andy Nicol

Unix god Nicol is another of my work colleagues from the days of Cambridge. We used to hack up unix scripts together with awk and perl and all that. Yeah I know, spoddy stuff but there you go. He likes rowing up the Cam on Sunday mornings at unfeasibly early hours. He's scottish so if you e-mail him don't use big words.

Mark Riley

Mark is a spod, as his domain name suggests. Does GSM stuff by day and drinks beer by night - under my watchful eye and expert tuition of course. Lived in Germany for a year, can't speak a bloody word of it.

Friends from hell

It was after a spate of 'the lads' getting dumped by their girlfriends "cos your mates are idiots" that the "Friends From Hell" were formed. It was the Cambridge college lot that Xerox were silly enough to sponsor. Very good website maintained by none other than [ in a Cilla voice ] "our Neil from Liverpooool". Don't think he does much on it anymore but it briefly gained fame in the U.S. for the "Why I hate Americans" section. Soon to be mirrored on this site when I've finished writing it.


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