The astute amongst you will have read the executive summary on the previous page and will now be aware that one of my onions is missing. If you look carefully you will see that trough #1 now only has two onion shoots in it whereas all the others have three. When I sowed the seeds I sowed three in each. When they sprouted, they sprouted three in each. Now trough #1 is an onion short of a errrrrr add in what you will.

Whilst writing this I had to refer back to week 4 to clear up a couple of points. I was truly astounded at the amount of growth that has taken place in just two weeks. Flippin astounding!

I said I wouldn't mention the garlic again unless some green stuff sprouted out of the soil. Lo and behold the little fella is off and running.

It has been mooted by Mr Nik Gardner that I'm becoming stereotypically French in my choice of food stuffs to be growing. I must apologise for this behaviour and now seek to reassure everyone that I have no intention of becoming any more arrogant and obnoxious than I already am. Neither shall I be donning a stripey shirt and beret and running in the opposite direction whenever I hear German voices.

Actually it's also a bit of an error to assume that most garlic comes from our frog eating neighbours. The garlic capital of the world is a little town called Gilroy in California. I only mention it because Gilroy is just down the road from Hollister which is where Aggy and I became qualified sky-divers. Balls bigger than King-Kong I tell ya.

Just look at the red one's go. I'm having to seriously reconsider repotting the two tomato plants into there own pots as they're obstructing the other two [ chilli and pepper ] from growing. Also it would mean that I'd then be able to see out of my living window once more.

Stop Press: The red plants have now been repotted. Once again there was crap all over the floor but ho hum. I really do need a greenhouse.

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