Finally, at last, whaaaahhaaaaay, my tomato plant is with child! There are a shit load of baby tomato's all over the plant, but the one in this pic is about the biggest with a circumference about the same as a twenty pence piece.

A close up of my basil, this was a bit of a cheat as it came in one of those pots that you buy from Sainsburys - however it was about to die in the kitchen so I did an emergency transplant into the spot vacated by the pepper plant and the patient is now doing nicely.

Smells pretty damned good too!

I think the chilli plant has to be classed as my biggest success to date. Emma and I have already munched a couple of those little bad boys and they are hot, damned hot.

I'm most impressed with my nunions too, they just keep on growing.

Just a crappy overview of the Basil/Chilli trough.

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