Just look at the weird shit things that my peppers have grown into. Emma tells me that peppers start off green before gradually turning red before finally becoming yellow. I reckon I'll have to make sure these babys don't get eaten and take a weekly "oooh look at the colour of that pepper now" picture. STOP PRESS - we didn't have to wait a week! See foot of page!!!

I think it's due to soil erosion rather than some sort of crazy "James And The Giant Onion" type shenanigans going on but the top of this onion certainly does look promising. I've been doing a little maths, and given the shape of the visible part of the onion my estimates give it a diameter of 3feet and a probable weight of 5.6lbs. I'm a record breaker!

I was at my grandpappys the other day having a spy on his tomatos. Following which I came home and hacked the bejayzuz out of mine until they ended up looking like the sorry dishevelled creature you see before you. Still, hopefully some tomatos should sprout forth from those flowers. So that'll give me a yield of errrr about 7 tomatos. Smashing.

Chilli's still developing nicely. I reckon I'll be eating one or two of them this coming week.

The big onions which weren't inhibited by coriander.....

.....and the little ones that were.

STOP PRESS - updated 20th July 2002

A mere twenty four hours later and me little darlin's have turned red. Incredible.

Last night I was showing Tim my chili's [ ooo errr ] and I spotted that one of my chili's is becoming red - what the dickens is going on in my weggie patch?

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