When I was digging up the coriander I decided to pull out one of the onions for an inspection. As you can see from the picture below it really is quite pitiful. The white bit that actually makes the onion is pitifully small as can be seen when it's compared to the pound coin in the picture.

I shouldn't imagine it would make much of a steeley onion soup special. Bah!

At last my miserable sodding tomato plant has deigned to grow some flowers. I'm pretty sure these are the pre-cursor to the lazy get actually growing some tomatos for me. So perhaps in a week or two you'll see an excited posting here with lots of pictures of little green tomatos. Sweeeeeet.

These are the onions that were not in the same pot as the coriander.

...... and here we have the puny specimens that were inhibited from growing by the coriander. It's quite difficult to see from the pictures but they really are much smaller than the ones above.

It's hard to make out on the picture but I have chillis sprouting left right and centre.

The garlic is still growing nicely.

Peppers aren't really doing too much

An overview of the tomato plant that seems to have regained it's bushiness despite me hacking it to pieces a few weeks ago.

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